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How to use your preferred command line interface from GitHub Desktop – 039

After you’ve installed GitHub Desktop and authenticated with GitHub.com, you can still use a command line interface.

Installing GitHub Desktop will also install a shortcut icon called Git Shell.

Git Shell Desktop icon

If you right-click on the icon and select Properties, you’ll see the comment “Open your preferred shell with Git enabled.”

Let’s select your preferred shell.

Open GitHub Desktop, and in the upper right-hand corner, click the Gear icon and select Options.

GitHub Desktop options button

Now select your preferred shell. For me it is Git Bash, because I’ve never taken the time to learn PowerShell (I know! It’s as embarrassing as when I was still using Ctrl+c Ctrl+v as my source control a few years back).

Setting Default shell to Git Bash

And now click Save at the bottom of the page.

Save button at bottom of options screen

And close GitHub Desktop.

Now when you double-click the Git Shell icon, you’ll see a happy Git Bash prompt waiting for you with your authentication to GitHub.com (and other stuff we’ll cover later!) handled for you!

Git Bash opened

If you preferred PowerShell, then you’ll see a happy PowerShell prompt waiting for you!

Powershell prompt

And that’s it! You can now go back to your command line interface workflows!

How to setup your GitHub credentials (and handle 2FA) on Windows using GitHub Desktop – 038

If you are a Windows user, install GitHub Desktop. It “automagically” (my new favorite word of the day) sets up your credentials, including 2FA.

You are not forced to use the GitHub Desktop UI once you’ve installed it. I mention this because before I started using GitHub Desktop, I didn’t know if Desktop would play nicely alongside the command line. Actually, GitHub Desktop makes using a command line interface even easier! (stay tuned for tomorrow’s tip).

First, you’ll login using your GitHub.com username and password.

GitHub Desktop login screen

Next, you’ll be prompted for you 2FA code.

Two-factor authentication prompt

And the you’re all set! So even if you want to go back to using the command line, you still can! Just check out tomorrow’s tip.

GitHub Desktop - Get started screen

Desktop also does a bunch of other stuff for you that we’ll get to later in this tip of the day series.