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How to upload your speaker slides to your GitHub repo – 058

If you give talks or want to upload extra documentation or slides to your repos, you have a couple of options!

1. Push your PowerPoint slides to your repo to retain a copy

First, you can simply upload your slides, e.g. .ppt or .pptx, to your repo.

ppt file in a repo

You won’t be able to see the slides when you click on the PowerPoint filename, but anyone who clicks on View Raw will download the deck.

powerpoint deck uploaded to GitHub

2. Push a PDF of your slides to your repo for others to view without downloading

Next If you save your PowerPoint slides as a PDF and push those to GitHub,

pdf file in a repo

GitHub will render your PDF files as subsequent images.

PDF slides shown as subsequent images

Note re diff’ing

Unfortunately, because these are binary files, you won’t be able to see any rich diff information for the commit.

Binary file not shown for powerpoint or pdf commit diff