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How to write a Bash or PowerShell script to quickly create test repos – 086

TFW you learn something that saves you a ton of time.

Our GitHub services team has on-demand content for learning Git, including a Git out of Trouble section. On page 2 git-set-up they show you how to create a script to create several files, commit them to your repo, one file at a time.

I’m using Git Bash, so here’s the Bash script

for d in {1..6};
 do touch file$d.md;
 git add file$d.md;
 git commit -m "adding file $d";

First, you’ll want to do `git init` otherwise, you’ll get yelled at by your shell for not being in a git repository.

Just copy and paste that into your shell (terminal or whatever),

script pasted into a Git Bash command prompt

Press Enter,

 git messages shown as script is run

and enjoy your Git out of Trouble explorations!

git status showing a commit for each file