How to view changes to your working directory in Visual Studio (and via command line) – 064

Yep this might seem trivial, but two things: 1. I discovered something new (see tomorrow’s tip) and 2. I’m playing with formatting of VS vs CLI

How to in Visual Studio

In Visual Studio, if you want to compare your current changes (i.e. changes in your working directory) to those in your last commit (where HEAD is at), you can right click on the file in Solution Explorer, in the Editor, in Team Explorer, aka practically anywhere, and select  Compare with Unmodified…

Compare with Unmodified

This command will open a diff of the file at HEAD and the file in the working directory,

Program.cs;HEAD vs. Program.cs

where you can see the changes in the diff side-by-side, where the Console.WriteLine was added.

Diff showing Console.WriteLine() message being added

How to via Command Line

Here’s how to do the same via the command line. Open the command prompt and navigate to your solution.

PSA: If you don’t have the Productivity Power Tools installed, go get them! Then you can right-click Program.cs and select “open in command prompt.”

To compare changes from your working directory (i.e. what you haven’t staged or committed yet) to your last commit (where that HEAD pointer thingy is at), run the following command

git diff

and now you’ll see the equivalent diff in the command line interface

command line showing "git diff"

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