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How to edit a file directly from the GitHub repository UI – #004

Suppose you have a file that you want to edit in a repo. Similarly to creating a new file, you can also use the UI on GitHub.com to edit a file.

Click on the file you want to edit. In this case, I’ll edit my penultimate FAQ.md file.

FAQ.md listed in the repository list of files

On the page where you can view the contents of the file, to the far right side, there’s a pen icon button to Edit this file.

Edit this file pen icon shown on far right

Clicking on Edit this file will put you in the edit UI, similar to the add new file UI.

And just like in adding a new file, you can specify what the commit message should contain and where the commit should go, either current branch (e.g. master in this image) or a new branch.

Commit changes using default message but custom extended commit message

How to add a new file directly from the repo UI itself – #002

If you ever need to add a new file, perhaps a readme, license, or a FAQ guide, you can go directly to the repo on GitHub.com and clicking the Create New File button.

Create new file button on repository page

Now you’ll be taken to a create new file page on the master branch.

Add a file name (don’t forget the extension!)

editing new file FAQ.md on repository page

Now you have the option to commit directly to master (or whatever branch you were currently on – stay tuned!) or commit to a new branch. We’ll cover all of this in due time, one day at a time.

default commit message for Create FAQ.md

If you have nothing interesting to add, you can keep the default commit message and optional extended description.

And click commit new file!

FAQ.md shown listed in the repository

One of my favorite books is called The Penultimate Truth by Philip K. Dick. Not because of the story line (although the story is good), but because I love the word Penultimate. The next time I come in second place, I’m going to announce I’m the Penultimate winner! It’s the simple things in life Smile