How to drag and drop files to your GitHub repo – 008

If you ever want to quickly drag and drop files to a repo (perhaps you’re a speaker at a conference and want to share your slides for your sample code), you can use the Upload files button that’s on the far right of the repo page.

upload files button on repo page

A wild drag and drop box appears! (sorry, that was a terrible pokemon go impression.)

drag and drop control on repo page

Now you can drag and drop your files into the box. Note that as you drag files, you’ll see them queue up. (Could you technically call this queuing up in staging? Conceptually you could call it staging, but I doubt that’s what’s happening under the hood). Sorry, I digress…

SecretaryProblemProgram.vb added to list to be committed

and volia, there was much rejoicing!

VB sample code commit message shown

Note you might say, “Wait a sec… how is this added but yet the repo bar is still a single solid green color?

Good catch! You might have to wait a minute or so and refresh. Today I had to wait a couple of seconds and then a couple of minutes. Check out the support page if you’re having any issues.

repo language bar showing C# 83.5% and Visual Basic 16.5%

And remember, Linguist, the open source project that displays these language percentages, is accepting contributions!

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