How to demystify Git commands using Visualizing Git – 081

A  couple of githubbers (aka those who work at github) put together an interactive visualization of git commands (as an open source project). For whatever reason, being able to play with this particular visualization tool allowed git things to click big-time, which you’ll see more in tomorrow’s tip.

visualizing a git merge no fast forward

A couple of commands to know that are only for the visualization tool itself and nothing to do with Git:

  • “undo” – undoes your last command to the tool. not a git command.
  • “clear” – gets you back to a clear Free Explore state – see the dropdown

Note that the tool doesn’t have a concept of

  • staging or a working directory – so no getting to practice the differences between `git reset –hard` or `git reset –mixed` or `git reset –soft`
  • interactive rebase

But like I said before, just being able to visualize what on earth is happening has been a huge lightbulb moment.

They are taking pull requests, so if you know of a good example, why not put together an example demo script for their examples folder?

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