How to view and diff a 3D model hosted on GitHub – 055

GitHub has a built-in 3D file viewer that allows you to get a 360 degree view of your 3D models. This 3D file viewer also gives you an interactive diff experience to compare changes between commits!

I created a quick cube using Microsoft’s 3D Builder. I added it to my repo and pushed it up to GitHub.

There are 3 options for viewing the 3D model.

Solid view

Solid green cube

Wireframe view

wireframe of a green cube

Surface Angle

Each surface drawn with a different color

And the grand finale, how to view a diff of a 3D Model.

Using the 3D Builder software, I added a cone to the top of the cube. I pushed these changes up to GitHub.

cube with cone added at top

If you look at the diff of the commit (click the commit ID circled in red above), you’ll see the diff viewer. By default it shows you what’s changed. Since I added a cone, the cone is shown in green (for additive).

green cone on top of wireframe cube

At the bottom of the image, you’ll find the Revision Slider. Click this link for an interactive 3D diff experience!

In the image below, you’ll see how the cone is added.

interactive 3D viewer showing changes as the slider changes

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