How to have the preview render markdown instead of plain text – #005

Sometimes I’ll create a new file, but the Preview doesn’t render the markdown and shows everything in plain text instead. And I’m left scratching my head :confused:

current-status file being edited with REM lyrics but markdown not rendering

If you find yourself in this situation, look at the file extension for your new file (or lack thereof).

current-status not having a file extension

Simply add a `.md` to your filename, and now your Preview will work!

preview now rendering markdown text

BTW if you get a “can’t edit” icon when you try to add the `.md` to the filename,

red no icon when trying to edit filename in preview mode

this is is because you are still in Preview mode. Click on the Edit new file tab to the left of the Preview and you’ll be able to edit the filename.

And Lenny Bruce is not afraid.

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